College Involvement


Concord 51 Campus Committees
For ambitious college students interested in politics, networking, and leadership

Concord 51 is recruiting talented and innovative students from colleges across the country to organize Campus Committees. You will develop initiatives to promote Concord 51’s core issues to your fellow students. The responsibilities of Campus Committee members include:

  • Planning events such as debates, speakers, and socials
  • Hosting networking opportunities
  • Expanding Concord 51’s presence across Social Media platforms
  • Interacting with other relavant student organizations
  • Serving as a Concord 51 liaison to the university community
  • Promoting Concord 51 College Memberships to students

Concord 51 will provide college students with genuine leadership opportunities that will develop professional skills. You will create a network of highly motivated, politically engaged student leaders. Campus Committee members will also have access to Concord 51’s roster of young professional Members, who are emerging leaders in finance, law, marketing, public relations, and non-profit organizations. The Concord 51 network will advise Campus Committee members, especially during the transition from campus to the workplace. This is an ideal way for goal-oriented students to learn from some of America’s best young leaders.

To organize a Campus Committee at your school, please contact Conner Brace, Director of the Concord 51 College Program, at Please submit a resume and cover letter. Interviews will be conducted with the most exceptional candidates. Campus Committee members will have priority consideration for the Concord 51 Summer Internship Program.