Our Mission


 Concord 51 is a policy-based, federal, non-connected political action committee that supports candidates whose policy positions align with the PAC in the areas of global competitiveness, energy advancement, and national security. Through political and social events, Concord 51 specifically targets young professionals and offers a platform to hear and engage with the nation’s top political candidates and figures as well as meet others with similar interests.



 Emboldened by the ideals of political figures such as Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan; Concord 51 supports candidates that pursue “the life of strenuous endeavor” led by ideals that greatly enhance the United States’ position as a prosperous nation that is competitive within an ever-changing global landscape. We support candidates that pursue policies that ensure the United States is safe and secure through a strong national security agenda and pursues all of its advantages hereforth.