About Huntsman

Concord 51 is a political action committee that consists of young professionals focusing its support and advocacy on the three core issues of Fiscal Responsibility, a Strong National Defense, and Energy Advancement. We believe that these three, interrelated issues are fundamental to the continued prosperity and security of the United States in a dynamic and uncertain twenty-first century.

Concord 51 hosts and participates in fundraisers for political candidates and organizes events and parties for Concord 51 Members. In addition to fundraising, the Concord 51 Board meets regularly with elected officials to discuss both upcoming campaigns and policy. Many members of the Concord 51 Board are active in the media as commentators and writers.


Concord 51 is the voice of the young, fiscally conservative professional and our events and network give Concord 51 Members the opportunity to meet and engage in stimulating conversations with likeminded political figures and other Concord 51 Members. Join this exciting group of individuals and participate in the conversation!