Concord 51 focuses its support and advocacy on the three core issues of Fiscal Responsibility, a Strong National Defense, and Energy Advancement. We believe that these three, interrelated issues are fundamental to the continued prosperity and security of the United States in a dynamic and uncertain twenty-first century.

Fiscal Responsibility

The fiscal health of the United States is fundamental to the health of our economy, the demand for our currency and the stability of global financial markets. Entitlement spending is expected to generate deficits that will cause the U.S. national debt to swell to unsustainable levels. At the same time, U.S. tax revenues are generated by a needlessly complex and wastefully inefficient system of exemptions, deductions and credits that obfuscate the true economic cost of government services. In order to bring projected deficits down to sustainable levels, decrease the costs of collecting tax revenues and restore confidence in the credit of the United States, Concord 51 supports entitlement reform, with an emphasis on fair but economically sensible social safety net programs explicitly tied to predefined sources of funding, and simplification of the tax code.

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Strong National Defense

The United States military underwrites the life, liberty and property of all Americans. The strength of the U.S. military, and the stability and predictability that it fosters, is a tacit assumption that markets rely on all over the world, from the Straight of Hormuz to the New York Stock Exchange. However, mounting fiscal pressures due to unfunded and unchecked entitlement spending threaten the ability of the United States to finance its military. At the same time, we are entering a period where economic, political and military power is becoming geographically and culturally diffuse. Our historical allies are waning while nations such as China, Russia, India, Turkey and Brazil are vying to fill the void. As a result, Concord51 believes it is critical that the United States maintains its unparalleled military supremacy to minimize instability during this period of transformation and uncertainty.

Policy 4

Energy Advancement

The cost and reliability of the energy sources that power production, transportation and consumption are fundamental to the strength and stability of the United States economy. The geographic location of these energy sources has a profound and often outsized impact on our foreign policy and foreign military presence, which in turn impact our military’s budget. In order to minimize the political, military and economic costs and risks associated with reliance on foreign energy sources, Concord 51 supports a regulatory environment that facilitates increased domestic exploration and production, with an emphasis on cost-benefit policies that compare expected economic and security benefits to expected environmental costs and other externalities. Concord 51 also supports economically viable conservation technologies and practices that bring about greater efficiency in the discovery, generation, storage, transportation and consumption of energy products.

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